Laurence Moskowitz

Lumentus, Strategic Communications Director

Laurence Moskowitz directs the overall strategic communications efforts of Protect our Power.

He is Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Lumentus, the communications agency retained by the organization to drive its digital and social communications strategy for industry, government and the public. He is also CEO of the agency’s proprietary technology, Lightbox Search.

Mr. Moskowitz was named one of the 10 most influential public relations executives of the 20th Century by PR Week magazine.  Regarded as an expert in issues management, crisis communications and strategic corporate communications, Mr. Moskowitz founded Lumentus in 2009 after recognizing that technology and client service needs were changing how public relations, marketing and advertising firms must operate.

A communications pioneer, Mr. Moskowitz has leveraged emerging technologies throughout his career to provide business and professional communicators with more powerful and effective means of reaching their audiences. Prior to Lumentus, Mr. Moskowitz founded Medialink, then the world’s largest provider of video-based media communications services to Fortune 500 companies including dozens of electric utilities, and federal government agencies.

As Chairman and CEO of Medialink, Mr. Moskowitz forged strategic alliances with the Associated Press and Nielsen to create the first professional distribution network linking corporations and other organizations with television broadcasters nationwide. Medialink, which he took public, won hundreds of public relations industry awards, and was successfully merged into a successor company in 2009. Mr. Moskowitz had previously founded a forerunner to PR Newswire and started his career as a reporter and editor. Mr. Moskowitz was honored with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for communications in 1999.

Mr. Moskowitz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University, where he was Kappa Tau Alpha in communications.