Paul Feldman

Paul Feldman


Paul Feldman was on the original executive team of Protect Our Power, serving as Chief Information Security Officer from 2018-2020. He remains on the Protect Our Power Advisory Panel. Previously, Mr. Feldman is past Chairman of the Midcontinent ISO (MISO) and a former Board Director of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).  He was CEO of Columbia Energy and CEO of Utilicorp United and SVP of AES.

Presently, Mr. Feldman serves as a Board member at AMP Electric, Opus One, and EnergySec. He has been appointed to serve on the NCC and advise the Secretary of Energy on matters related to electricity and transmission systems.  He also serves as a member of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden on the Energy Systems Integration Technical Review Panel. He also serves as an advisor to several energy companies.

Mr. Feldman began his career with AT&T and Bell Labs where he remained for 20 years in positions of increasing responsibility until leaving as vice president of worldwide manufacturing. In 1995 he transitioned to the energy utility industry.

His educational background includes theology, a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and a Masters in Economics, with advanced work toward a PhD in Econometrics. Additionally, Mr. Feldman was also an Associate Professor at Cleveland State University. He is also achieved the Professional Director certification and is a Board Leadership Fellow at the National Association of Corporate Directors.