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  • Location: Fairfax, Virginia
  • Department: Department of Information Sciences and Technology
  • Degree Programs: Bachelor of Applied Science: Concentration in Cybersecurity, Computer Science, BS, Cyber Security Engineering, BS, Information Technology: Concentration in Information Security, BS, Applied Information Technology: Concentration in Cyber Security, MS, Computer Science, MS, Data Analytics Engineering: Concentration in Digital Forensics, MS, Digital Forensics and Cyber Analysis, MS, Information Security and Assurance, MS, Management of Secure Information Systems, MS
  • Key Contact: Andre Manitius, Ph.D, Acting Chair
  • Research Areas: Cloud Computing Security National Security Challenges  Law and Ethics of Big Data  Managing Information Technology Programs in the Federal Sector  Algorithms and Data Structures Essentials  Cyber Security: Emerging Threats and Countermeasures  Leading Organizations Through Change  Human Computer Interaction  Managing IT in the Federal Sector
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  • Website: George Mason University
  • Protect Our Power Best Practice Focus: Remote Access

Program Overview:

Mason Engineering was doing cyber before it was cool. The school holds one of the longest track records of information security advancement in the U.S. Our location within the nation’s epicenter of security technology makes us an incubator for the newest networks, systems, and trained experts.

We’re preparing for the next battlefront of sophisticated cyber crime, and the demand for our graduates has never been higher.

No matter where we are, we’re connected. As digital systems are deployed to control services we depend on, such as utilities, transportation, economic mechanisms, and defense, the risk of a malicious attack is growing.

Cyber criminals identify weaknesses in communications and data networks to steal or sabotage valuable information. Cybersecurity engineers are the guardians of the digital galaxy, designing fortifications to repel the bad guys, and sneaky traps to ensnare them in a quagmire of false data.

See the university catalog for information about courses that provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of the field.

Because Mason proactively pursues research within government and industry organizations that depend on strong and reliable information security, our students are recruited long before graduation.