Protect Our Power Executive Director Jim Cunningham made the following comments about the news that the computer networks of multiple federal agencies were hacked this year, likely by a nation-state, via the information technology company SolarWinds. The cyberattack potentially has compromised national laboratories, electric utilities and thousands of other entities, according to news accounts:

“Early reports on this cyber attack prove the importance of enhancing the security of our nation — particularly the electric grid, which powers all other components of our critical infrastructure. Our quality of life and national security depends on uninterrupted, reliable power supplies. From the White House to governors’ offices to every company and individual in the cyber supply chain, we must have a heightened sense of urgency to better protect and mitigate the impacts of cyber attacks against our nation wherever they occur.  All of us need to make this effort a top national priority. We need a national program soonest to overcome this very real national threat.”