WASHINGTON, July 21, 2017 – Legislation passed this week by the U.S House of Representatives marks an important step in strengthening the U.S. electric grid, according to Protect Our Power, a national not-for-profit organization focused on ensuring the grid is made more robust and resilient.

“This bill represents important Congressional recognition that our electric grid is highly vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks, the consequences of which could be devastating to our economy and way of life,” said Jim Cunningham, executive director of Protect Our Power.

The Enhancing State Energy Security Planning and Emergency Preparedness Act of 2017 provides federal financial assistance to enhance state-level energy security plans designed to protect energy infrastructure, including the electric grid, against physical and cyber security threats.

March 2017 poll conducted by Protect Our Power indicated that nearly 61 percent of Americans believe the electric grid is vulnerable to a physical or cyber attack.

“House passage of this bill helps set the stage for what should be the nation’s No. 1 priority – comprehensive legislation that provides a clear path, and the necessary funding, to make our grid more robust and resilient across the nation,” Cunningham said.  “We urge the Senate to take up and pass this bill as soon as possible.”

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John Kyte, Protect our Power