University of Buffalo official seal
  • Location: Buffalo, NY
  • Department: Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Degree Programs: BS/MS in Computer Science and Engineering, BS in Computer Science, BS in Computer Engineering
  • Key Contact: Shambhu Upadhyaya, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Research Areas: Applied Cryptography, Authentication, Threat Modeling, Anomaly Detection, wireless security, cloud security, human-centered security, differential privacy and empirical cyber security
  • Wikipedia link: University of Buffalo-Wikipedia
  • Website: University of Buffalo

Program Overview:

Both the BS and BA in Computer Science prepare students well for graduate work or for professional positions in computing and information technology fields. The primary difference is that the BS program provides a more concentrated approach to computer science (depth), while the BA program encourages students to combine computer science with studies in another field (breadth).