Company Description:

Qubitekk is a leader in the development of quantum technology for computing, communications, and sensing applications. U.S. owned and headquartered in San Diego, CA, we are first-to-market with a quantum cryptography system for securing critical infrastructure networks – such as the electrical grid, high performance computing and satellite-to-satellite communications.

Qubitekk is a U.S. manufacturer of quantum entangled photon sources and quantum cryptography products. We have pioneered quantum technology that will enable a quantum Internet, a cyber-secure electrical grid, and a network for interconnecting quantum computing devices. We have testified before the U.S. Senate on the importance of quantum technology to maintaining America’s technological and economic dominance over nation-state adversaries.

Our quantum protected network systems are being pilot-tested at a USAF Base, select U.S. utilities for protecting critical grid communications, at universities and National Laboratories for distributing quantum states between quantum computing devices, and our technology is being hardened for launch and use on micro-satellites in 2021 and the International Space Station in 2022.  Founded nearly seven years ago, Qubitekk has been an early market mover in both the quantum photon source and quantum security markets and has a large partnership portfolio in the quantum space.

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