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Program Overview:

Keeping data secure is an important goal of any good IT system. Once a system has been breached, personal, financial or classified data becomes vulnerable to exploitation. When you major in cybersecurity at Purdue University, you will learn the skills to create and maintain secure networks as well as ways to track down hackers who aim to breach that security.

The demand for professionals with cybersecurity skills is high, and it will continue to grow as more companies and industries work to safeguard their records and their reputations. The cybersecurity plan of study at Purdue will be able to help meet this need by providing a comprehensive IT education that also emphasizes key security concepts. The major’s holistic approach combines skills such as secure coding, cryptography, digital forensics and UNIX fundamentals with analytical thinking and criminology.

You will have plenty of opportunity for hands-on projects. Whether you are testing vulnerabilities or creating a new security protocol, you will put theories into practice daily. Because of industry partnerships, you will have access to internships that will put your cybersecurity knowledge to use quickly.

Special Features

  • CIT has been ranked as the #4 best Bachelor of Science in IT program in the Nation!
  • Learn in small, close-knit classes that feature individualized attention
  • Work in industry-standard labs to gain the best hands-on experience
  • Take advantage of a variety campus-based internships, including one focused on the State of Indiana’s computer network
  • Use the program’s stellar reputation and coursework to provide greater chances at employment after graduation
  • Learn from world-class cybersecurity and industry experts
  • Utilize the Polytechnic learning environment to become a career-ready graduate