Company Description:

Fortress Information Security is one of the largest cyber security providers of supply chain risk management and vulnerability risk management in the US. Fortress specializes in securing the supply chain and industrial assets of North American critical infrastructure, as well as organizations in Transportation, Financial Services, Entertainment, Power Utilities and other sectors. Fortress is the only company that connects assets and vendors in a holistic approach. Fortress uses Technology, Analytics & Services (TAS) and leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to help organizations automate the process of identifying and stopping cyber threats that pose the biggest risk to their business. The Fortress team are recognized leaders in the field of cyber security.

Related Topics:

Compliance, Digital Risk Protection, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRO) Platforms, Managed Services, Patch Management, Risk Assessment,Quantification, and Management, Quantification, and Management, Security Analytics, Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Orchestration automation and Response (SOAR), Vulnerability Assessment

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