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  • Location: Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Department: Center for Cybersecurity Education
  • Degree Programs: S. Cybersecurity, M.S. Cybersecurity
  • Key Contact: Douglas Rausch, Director
  • Research Areas: Using various tools, techniques, and computer technologies for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating information security risks to cyber systems. Investigating breaches in computer networks and apply digital forensics to cybercrime. Learning to develop and apply plans and procedures for responding to cyber-attacks wherever information assurance is critical — whether in the private or government sector. Applying information security theory to real-world skills in the protection of technology systems and the detection of vulnerabilities in those systems
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Program Overview:

The BS-Cybersecurity program is an inclusive education in the theory and application of technical and non-technical security skills. The program covers an array of abilities required by the quickly evolving cybersecurity industry. These skills include applying protection, detection, and response technologies and procedures to identify threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and controls in various cyber environments. Emphasis is placed on identifying, analyzing, mitigating and communicating risks to cyber systems using various tools, techniques, and technologies.