Electric Power: Our Most Critical Resource

Our nation relies on a resilient and robust electric grid. A lengthy shutdown would dramatically affect our quality of life. Society depends on the steady flow electricity and the services it powers. Tens of millions would be cut off from food production and delivery, the water supply, sanitation, health care, transportation, finance, virtually all forms of communications, and more. 

Key stakeholders, including the  electric industry, government regulators and the defense community agree that the electric grid must be more resilient. Respected former U.S. Cabinet members, academics and award-winning journalists have published books and reports on the grid’s vulnerability. Senators and congressmen have released more than a dozen disparate bills that address individual aspects of grid security. None are comprehensive nor do they detail funding solutions.

To make meaningful progress on this important issue, we must alert and educate the public, government and industry to identify the priorities and resources needed to strengthen our electric infrastructure. As real threats continue to grow at an alarming rate, grid resiliency is an urgent national security priority.

protect our power


To build consensus among key stakeholders and public policy influencers to launch a coordinated and adequately funded effort to make the nation’s electric grid more resistant to all threats. The national program must also ensure establishment of an enhanced power restoration and recovery component for all grid operations that would include communications protocols to protect and inform the American public.


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